Chris Ekstrom is a conservative Christian Trump Republican who has built a strong reputation for being a fierce and passionate advocate for Texans and Americans at the national and state level. He’s taken the lead on issues that matter to law-abiding patriots. Chris has been an unwavering advocate to build the wall, protect our historical monuments, support Pro-Life initiatives, restore the 2nd and 10th Amendments and shrink government.

Chris will represent his constituents, not the lobbyists and special interests in Washington D.C.. He will work vigorously to defend the industries that are critical to Congressional District 13 like farming & ranching, oil & gas production, and supporting Sheppard Air Force Base. 

He had his first job at age 13 and worked at a warehouse delivering soft drinks to local businesses. After college, he helped lead a large construction company upgrading digital cable networks throughout America. Chris worked his way up to Vice President of Operations where he employed and managed thousands of employees – Chris is a proven job creator.

Since then, Chris has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and is the President of Ekstrom Properties a successful commercial real estate investment firm. He is committed to protecting economic liberty and the America First Agenda. Chris and his wife, Denise live in Wichita Falls, Texas and attend Christ the King Church.

The Wall

In 2016, President Trump promised America a wall along our Southern Border and ever since Congress and Liberals have fought him all while the illegal immigrants continue to cross our borders.

Chris will fight alongside President Trump to see that funding is released to build the Wall. For too long the border has seen crime and illegal drugs pour into America and our communities.

Defunding Sanctuary Cities

Part of the problem with illegal immigration is the rise of Sanctuary Cities. Locations where illegal immigrants can come and stay in full defiance of federal law and the will of the American people. Chris recognizes the dangers of Sanctuary Cities and opposes any laws that would support their creation.  Trump has already taken us in the right direction, redirecting billions away from cities who wish to flaunt our laws and their duty to the American people. Chris will support Trump and do everything possible to chip away at these rouge cities and corrupt local bureaucrats.

Job Creator

Working firsthand with the regulations that every business has to contend with, Chris understands the mind of Job Creators. Everyday Union Lobbyists and the Democrats push for more burdens on businesses to pay for their reckless spending and wasteful policies.

Chris meanwhile knows how to incentivize businesses to create jobs and opportunities for people to help themselves and their families. Further Chris knows how to spur entrepreneurs into starting their businesses, helping others to follow their own American Dream. 

Now a successful businessman, with 25 years of job creation and business management, Chris wants to bring what he’s learned to Congress. As our representative, Chris will fight against any legislation that will threaten the hard-earned prosperity of Texan families.

Texas has no shortage of Farmers or Ranchers and an increasing number of Oil & Gas producers, all industries in the crosshairs of the liberals in D.C. With plans such as the “Green New Deal”, Democrats and their supporters would see the lifeblood of everyday people drained dry and left to rot.

Chris respects the work of our fellow Texans in providing for themselves, their families and all of us. He’ll take the fight to Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and others who would use environmentalism to usher in Socialism at the expense of our fellow Texans.

Keeping America Strong

America has a proud military history, protecting the innocent and fighting against tyranny. Chris will fight to ensure America’s military remains equipped to deal with the ever-changing nature of war. Increasing funding for research and to maintain and increase our bases and facilities, such as Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls.

Taking Care of Our Veterans 

Our soldiers give us our best and deserve nothing else in return. The men and women of our armed forces have for too long been left unrewarded for their service. Chris will stand by those who’ve stood for us, ensure support for Shephard Air Force Base.

Restore the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

For years we’ve all heard the same thing from Democrats and their puppets in the media, “We’re not going after your guns!” but, in possibly the only good thing he’s done for Texas, Beto O’Rourke showed us what Democrats really think, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15!”

Chris will stand by the millions of responsible and lawful gun owners of America, to ensure that Americans can always defend themselves from criminals. Chris will fight to restore Texans God-given right to keep and bear arms.

Passing the Life at Conception Act

No nation can thrive while its children die. America has for too long sacrificed its children for the sake of convenience. On average, America sees the deaths of 2,700 babies per day, and we have a moral obligation to protect life from cradle to womb.

Like any good person, Chris cannot stand for this slaughter of innocents anymore. While serving in Congress, he will fight for those most needing of protection and introduce and co-sponsor the Life at Conception Act.

Chris has been happily married to his wife, Denise, and the two attend Church regularly. Chris respects the traditions that created the nation we enjoy today, built upon the moral strength of Christian faith and hard work.

Chris recognizes the increasing amount of power and encroachment of the Federal Government into our everyday lives. He’ll stand against any increase in D.C.’s authority and return power and influence to the States, to the people.

Restricting Government isn’t enough, not for us and not for Chris. To bring America back to its roots, we must trim the branches and return the Fed to its proper role. With the 10th Amendment as his benchmark, Chris will fight so we can all be free.